Upload Documents

Open the 'Document Upload Wizard', in order to load documents into the system associated with objects via the various selection criteria. 

The Upload Wizard gives you many ways to can group and select objects and then load documents of different classifications to connect to those objects.

Use the 6 step selection sequence to associate components with document(s) as follows:


Step 1 of 6 select the Building required and click Next.


Component Category

Step 2 of 6 select the component category and click Next.

Group / Work Package

Step 3 of 6 select Group and click Next.

If Work Packages are selected in the previous step, you will also be prompted with the Work Package type filter - All / Supply / Delivery / Install / Commissioning - to aid selection of the required Work Pacakage.

Component Type

Step 4 of 6 select Component Type and click Next.

Document  Type

Step 5 of 6 select a document type and Next.

The Document Types available are saved in the System Published DMS folders.

Select Docs

Step 6 of 6 allows a new document to be added either by clicking the Browse or Link from DMS buttons.

Browse - Documents will be placed directly into the folder selected and will act as a static file. These files will need to be revised in the destination O&M folder

Link from DMS - Creates a dynamic link to the file stored in the DMS location you are  linking from, updating the source file will dynamically update the O&M folder

Note that the displayed list of documents are those already associated with some or all of the current group of selected components.

Please see the DMS guide for further information on Browsing and Linking files in BIMXtra.

O&M/ FM System Folders

Please note that O&M Files get saved into the Published Documents/Z. System Outputs/O&M/FM directories.

Depracated Folders

There is also a set of folders under Published Documents/Z. System Outputs/O&M in existing projects.  These folders are DEPRACATED and are not to be used.