Access requirements

You will require the view project reports role to access the key reports.

Key reports

The reports that are available are dependent on user access rights and the configuration of the project.

All reports can be extracted in PDF or XLS format

Once complete, the report can be downloaded from the Notifications area at the bottom of the screen.


BIMXtra is configured to produce Stage 4 COBie files directly from Design schedules. 

Warnings are shown below the panel that indicate what needs to be addressed in the schedule data or configurations in order to produce a complete COBie drop.

For details of COBie configuration refer to COBie configuration.

Generated drops are shown in the summary COBie reports list and are saved in the DMS > System Outputs/Cobie folder.  Access to this folder is determined in the normal way by DMS security groups and permission must be given to view that folder to gain access to the output files. 

Compare: Select two drops to compare them and view results in the COBie report – revision differences panel:

Download a .pdf of the revision comparison.

Green plus icon shows a row that is added to a revision.

Red minus icon shows a row that is removed from a revision.



Required access to DMS > System Outputs/Cobie folder

Download a .xls of the COBie drop.

Create drop:
Select the building name and create drop to generate a Stage 4 COBie drop.

When complete it will be shown in the summary list and a notice will appear in your notifications panel.