The document library is used by BIMXtra for storing files used by the system e.g. .cbx files for use in Insight or .dwfx files for use in Onsite. This section is only available to access if you have suitable permissions.

Access to document library

Access to the document library is granted to:

Further, access to the individual folders of the document library is set via the security groups of the DMS.

Refer to your DMS admin for access to this area. Typically, there is no reason to access this area unless you are a super user.

Adding, revising, downloading, editing, moving and saving files

Refer to your DMS admin for access to these functions. Typically, there is no reason for a user to need access to these functions. Certainly care should be taken when doing anything in the document library as it may have an adverse effect on the working of the system.

Document library folders

The folders of the document library each cover a feature of the system.  Those folders are:

Client images

This area holds images used on the project landing page and printed in form .pdf headers.


Holds 2D drawings configured in the drawing manager for use in Onsite and Insight.


Holds 2D drawings configured for use in Onsite and Insight.

The Building and Level Metadata value used in Onsite and Drawing Manager is populated when a model is imported to the schedules

Insight visualisation

Holds 3D visualisation files for the 2 supported graphics applications:

Note that files for each of the applications are based on their filenames (without the extension) and unique across the application type. 

Duplicate files will be blocked from uploading and must be REVISED to replace previous files.  

EG:  The Insight files - MyGraphicsFile.CBX & MyGraphicsFile.CBXS - are considered to be the same visualisation file and can't both be present.  One, however can be added as a revision of the other.

Similarly the Navisworks files - MyGraphicsFile.NWC & MyGraphicsFile.NWD - behave the same way and can only be revisions of each other.

Model Conversions

Holds .CBXS models for access from WebGL for the DMS.