Viewing imported models


Displays a list of all models uploaded to the project via the BIMXtra plugins:

Also refer to model imports (superuser) for superuser tasks on this page.


Searches and filters the Model list.

Filter Columns

Right click on columns to use the excel style filtering of each column, and to set the visibility of columns.  Drag to move individual column positions in the table.

Upload Models

Allows users to upload IFC's directly from the Model mapping page for import and mapping within BIMXtra without the need to use the IFC Exporter utility.

A CBX file is automatically produced and made available in Insight for all uploaded IFC files.  Please be aware that it may tale some time to produce CBX files after the IFC file has finished uploading.

The IFC exporter may still advantages for particularly large file or mass imports, but normal workflows are now encouraged with the Upload Models routines.

Save Layout

Save the layout and positions of the columns for the current user.


Print the entire model list to a PDF or XLS

View (Import Status)


Required User Role: Project Tab > View CAD Import Status

 An icon that shows the current status of the model. Hover to see a tooltip of the status. Click to view the component type mapping information panel.


The filename of the uploaded model.

Mapping Status

Shows the current status of items mapped from within the model.

  • Red - Unmapped components
  • Green - Mapped & Approved(Manually Saved or Imported Mappings)
  • Blue - Indicate Auto or Fuzzy Mapped components that require review by the user and is awaiting Import



Required User Role: Project Tab > Create Mappings


User Company must be either an Owner or Additional company.

Links to the Mapping page for the model.


Indicates if model with current mappings has been imported

  • Red - Indcates that the model contains mappings that have not yet be imported
  • Blue - Indicates that the model has been imported with the current mappings

Active as a link to Import the model, for users whose User Company is either an Owner or Additional company, 


Date of the last import.

Initial import by

Name of user who completed the initial import.

Owner company

Status set by the uploaded or modified, via Edit Model Permissions. These are primary owners and are usually maintained as the official model owner or uploader. Provides access to create mappings and Import this model for users from this company.

Additional companies

Status set by the uploaded or modified, via Edit Model Permissions. These are secondary owners and users from these companies also provided access to create mappings and Import this model.

Last updated date

The last date the model was updated.

Last updated by

Name of user that last updated the model. 


Links to the comments panel for the uploaded models. Comments can be added via the plugin at the upload stage or added via the Add Comment button.


Links to the model import history details. The import status icon provides component details of each version of the model which can be accessed via import status icon.