The project landing page contains various information panels which are configured by a project super user.

Drag the Information panels to position them on your page. 

Save Layout to save that layout and  Reset to restore default positions.

Project description

A text description and a rolling graphic of all logos entered for the project: 

My actions

A calendar view of user actions relating to items raised in the project:

Each user sees the following items which they have been issued or cc'd:

  • Comms and Comms Responses
  • Forms
  • DMS distributions

Click on any of the items in your calendar to link through to them on the relevant project page.

Click Save to save any layout option changes to the my actions panel.

Project activity

A text summary of activities undertaken on the project. Use the buttons across the top of the panel to filter items of that type.
Use to remove individual items from the list.

The project activity can be enabled for individual users in the user configuration panel.


Key contact information entered for the project. Contact details displayed are those entered into BIMXtra logins.