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  1. WebGL Controls - These controls are the setting options for how WebGL renders the 3D model.

    1. Debug - FPS (displays the Frame Per Second rate), Render Info (stats from the rendering engine), Wireframe (changes the render to display object in Wireframe mode) and Normals (renders to Normals mapping of the object in Red and Green colours).
    2. Helpers - Grid (inserts a reference grid into the scene), Axis (displays the scene's axis), Cameras (inserts a 3D camera in the scene), Planes (inserts a plane reference in the scene) and Bounding Boxes (renders a yellow box around all visible components in the scene).
    3. Ambient Light - Two slider controls to define the intensity and exposure of components rendered in the 3D view.
    4. View Settings - Object back faces (renders the inverted side of components in the scene. Please note, this will double the amount of rendered triangles that can affect the navigation performance), Grey Level (slider controls how grey the objects are rendered at) and Transparency (slider controls the level of transparency on components rendered in the scene).
    5. Streaming - Radius (slider controls only appear when loaded from Design, Comms or Construction to find a highlighted object. The slider value then defines the object to be rendered into the scene around the highlighted object).
  2. Navigation - Arrows zoom to the extent of all the rendered components or the selected components. Arrows move the camera to the top corners of the bounding box and the icon moves the camera to a top view. Mouse>Right Click also has a Zoom to Object command.
  3. Grey and Transparency - Buttons override the components default appearance to shown non-selected or highlighted components in grey and/or transparent.
  4. Rotate - Switch between standard mouse walk mode and rotate around selected components to centre of the modelled components rendered.
  5. Menu Ribbon - replicates controls from Insight over the following areas: Project, Selection, Comms and View.
  6. Render Scene - Area on the screen where 3D components can be viewed.