Work package setup

  • Show all - Select to show all work packages including deactivated ones.
  • Add New Package - Opens the new work package panel.

Enter the work package number, name and select all the types this package will be active for.
Click Add New to continue. 

Add if several packages need to be issued at once, optional child packages can be created. Using this functionality will save the creation and issue of multiple packages.
For instance, create a main (parent) package for windows and doors. Then add child packages beneath that for external doors, internal doors, internal windows, external windows. Adding the child package means information only has to be attached once and then the parent package is only issued once.

Enter the child work package number, name and select users it is to be issued to. Select all the types this child package will be active for.
Once child packages have been created they can additionally be modified as follows:
  Revert to parent: This is equivalent to deleting the package, with all items in it reverting to its parent package.
       Deactivate: The package remains as configured but is deactivated. The show all option shows de-activated packages.
      Edit: Edit the work package details, including its number, name and issued list.
      Reprocesses the work package.

  • T&C / Warranties: Upload T&C / warranty documents to the work package.
  • Programme: Upload programme documents to the work package.
  • Attendances: Upload attendance documents to the work package.
  • Prelims: Upload prelim documents to the work package.
  • Scope of Works: Upload scope of works documents to the work package.
  • Measurement Preamble: Upload measurement preamble documents to the work package.


Menu structure to navigate directly to work package detail views.

Work package drawing setup

Select the work package that requires drawings associated to it. If any drawings have been uploaded which contain objects within the package they will be automatically assigned to this package. Drawings highlighted in light grey are already assigned to the work package.

Compatible drawings for Work Packages are those that are Manually uploaded into Drawing Manager.


If any other drawings are required to be associated to the package, select the tick box to the left of the drawing name and click Update.

Generate work packages

Before packages can be issued they need to be generated. This will gather the associated information and create a package for issue. This process can be repeated for the same package and will log each issue of the package (if there is more than one). 
Select the work package you want to generate in the left-hand column, the right hand information panel is shown.


 Process and generate the work package ready for issue. 

Issue work packages

Upload tender returns

 Select load returned work packages, then  to browse for the returned Excel tender return from your PC. 

The tender return will then appear in the top section of the page as below. 


 Download a .xls version of the tender return.

Download a .pdf version of the tender return. 

Accept or decline tender returns

Select accept or decline on the work package entry line.

The tender will be highlighted green if accepted. Any other tenders associated to that package will be archived and removed from the list. To view all tender returns that have been uploaded select show all.

To cancel the acceptance of a tender select cancel.

Accepting/declining tender returns will not issue any form of acceptance or decline email to any party involved in the tender process. 
This function is for accepting a cost for use in the detailed cost plan. Upon acceptance of a tender, the rates will be sent through to the detailed cost plan and can be used in cost planning if required, (see detailed cost plan user guide for further details).

Issue selected packages


Select the work packages to issue then  to continue. 
The scope of works preambles is shown.

Optionally add package preambles to the tender issue. Standard templates are available within the BIMXtra Document Management System (DMS) and can be attached to packages. However, the issuer of the package is responsible for confirming the completeness and suitability of these preambles for their intended use. The preambles can be accessed and edited in the DMS prior to issue. It is recommended that this is done to create project specific preambles, these will then be available to include in the package by selecting the tick boxes as below.
If you do not wish to attach preambles select preambles are not required
Click next to continue.
Review your issue information, click issue to continue and process the work package issue. 
Packages appear in the top section once they are complete.

The tenderers will also be issued with an email containing the package information as per the below example: 


Package validation

Summary view of work packages:

Filters can be set on scheduleswork packages and package types:


Select category numbers to view schedule detailed views for those items.