User Configuration

Within the System Admin > Users & Roles  area, Superusers have the ability to create new user accounts and edit existing user accounts for their Licence Provider.  

This type of Login is considered to be an 'Internal User'.  Also refer to the DMS 'External User' that does not need this configuration.

The table displays a row for each user the columns are:

  • Active - the user icon indicates if the user account is active or not.  Click to activate/deactivate account.
  • Locked - the padlock icon indicates if the user account is locked or not.  Click to lock/unlock account.
  • Name - The users' name constructing as Surname, First Nam
  • Username - displays the users' user name and their email address
  • Login - Shows the number of times a user has logged in, the date of their last login and how long it has been since they last changed their password
  • Edit - Opens the user profile information window
  • Roles - opens the Role window

Add New User

To create a new user, click on the '+ Add New User' button.

  • Username - Enter the username of the new user. This must be unique.
  • Password - A default password can be either entered here or chosen by the user by selected the 'Forgotten Password' link on the homepage.


    Note: Password settings
    If the password setting for your organisation is Strong then the password requirement is (greater or equal to) 8 characters (mixed case), plus alphanumeric or alt characters.
    If the password setting for your organisation is Very Strong then the password requirement is (greater or equal to) 12 characters (mixed case), plus and alphanumeric or alt characters. 

  • PIN Number - This applies a PIN number to a user Proxy Sign Off for BIMXtra forms.

  • Forename - The new user's forename(s).
  • Surname - The new user's surname.
  • Email Address - The new user's email address.
  • License Provider - The license pool the new user will be allocated to.  Superusers can only allocate users to their own Licence Provider.
  • User Company - The users Company, which controls access to projects and information in various parts of the system.  
  • Project Access - The Company group which the user is controlled under.  Superusers can update the user records and roles of all users in companies listed in their Project Access list.  FormBuilder version 2 roles can publish forms to projects that have a Project Access the same as the user Project Access.  Superusers can also see all projects with their Project Access on the project selection page.
  • Department - The department employing the user.
  • Position - The user's position within the company.
  • Address: Enter the user's working address. 

  • Phone: Enter the user's phone number and mobile number here.

  • Comment: A comment may be added to the user account. This will be auto-populated with a comment and associated date if a user locks their account.

  • Is Active:  Shows whether the User Account is Active and can access BIMXtra.  Deactivated accounts cannot login to BIMXtra.  If a user incorrectly enters their password 3 times, their account will be deactivated and a superuser  will need to select this option again to re-activate them.

Note: Individual users can change their own account details using the User Profile page, including changing password and PIN nos.

Save User Configuration

All edits to User Configuration must be Saved before the window is closed.

Editing User Roles

To edit a User's Roles for a project click on the roles hyperlink to open the Roles panel.  For a user to be granted access to a project they must have appropriate Project Access setting and they must be specifically allocated to project roles in this panel.

  • Selected Projects : Search for and Select the project to configure.  Projects listed here are in the configuring user's Project Access listing.
  • Apply:  Apply the selected predefined Template of Roles to the user for currently selected Project.
  • Roles:  Select roles to apply to the user for the currently selected Project.  Refer to User Roles for details.

Email Notifications

An email notification will be sent to:

  • The admin user who provided access to the project, giving details of who they added,
  • The User who has been provided access to the project, giving details of what they have been added to.

Remove User Roles

To remove User roles on a project. Their Project Access settings will need to be deselected from the specific Project roles in this panel against the respective Project.

This will impact on all Approvals, Forms, Distributions & Workflows etc. that the user may be part of. This will need to considered prior to User removal from the project. Many actions can be overridden by Superuser and DMS admins ie. Security as set in a Form may limit this.

Disable users account

Note: It is preferable to Disable a user account if you wish to remove their access from the system completely.

Role Templates

Templates of configured roles can be saved and applied to user at a later stage. 

Project Based Role Templates

Note: Role Templates are saved for each Project so any changes to the templates will only affect the current project, unless they are copied to other projects as well.  A default set of templates is configured for all new projects according to the system defaults.

Apply the selected Role Template to the currently selected project for the configured user.

Edit the Role Templates.  The Role Templates panel enables configuration of Templates that are saved for the current project. Templates can also be copied across from other projects.

Edit the Template configured roles.  Select the roles required and press to save.  Cancel Template edit without saving any updates. 

Delete the Role Template from the current project configuration. 

Select a project to copy the Role Templates across from.  Any Templates with the same name will be overwritten in the current project, while any new Templates will be copied in.

Select the project to copy the Role Templates from.


New User Email Notification

Sends a welcome email to the User giving details and links to login

Add User to Project Email Notification

As an existing or new user is added to a project the user will receive an email confirming their project access

Filtering the user list

The user list can be filtered for a specific company using the User Company drop down box

The user list can be filtered for Active or Locked accounts using the status combobox

once you have set the desired filtering criteria click on the filter button to display the result

To reset the filter restulst click on Reset

Search the user list

The user list can be searched using  email addresses and usernames values

Active / Non Active Account Status

User accounts must be Active in order to log in and use BIMXtra and any apps.  De-Activated accounts are not allowed to log in.  Only Superusers can change the Active/De-Active status of user accounts.

To change the Active status of a user select the icon next to the users name .  Icons with a strike-through text effect are De-Activated:

You can also refer to the Active option in the Account Edit page.

Project Access

Note: De-Actived user accounts have the following updates applied to the account and project settings -

They are:

They are not:

  • Removed from any DMS Workflow Transmittals,
  • Removed from any Forms they are Currently Assigned to,
  • Removed from any Comms Notifications / Digests

Locked / Unlocked Account Status

BIMXtra's security policy will lock any user's account if they enter an incorrect password five times.  Refer to Reset locked account for further details.

Should this happen, a Superuser under the same company has the ability to unlock the account by going to the new user configuration page, click edit and then remove the tick from the locked window.

User Audit Reports (Admin)

For admin users, there are 3 user Audit reports

User Audit Report

Gives details of all User Role edits for the current project.  If there is no project selected, ie User Page launched from Project Selection Page, then the Global User Roles are shown in the Audit report.

User Roles

Give details of all roles for projects given to the currently selected users

User Project Access

Gives details of all projects the User has Project Access to