The top left hand side of the system menu includes the standard project modules.

The top right hand side of the system menu includes standard system tools.

Project selection

Links to the main project selection page to change current project. 

Hover over this button to get a drop down list of projects to switch to directly - using this selection method opens up the new project at your current module, enabling fast navigation between the same features of projects.

All Projects

Lists all projects you have access to and shortcuts having to go to the Project Selection page.

Project Search has an option that will search All Projects.

My Projects

Lists all your Favourite projects, as set on the Project selection page, providing a shortcut to those projects you most care about.

Project Search has an option that will search all of the projects in your 'My Projects' list.

Recent Projects

Lists a number of projects you have recently visited according to the users' Recent Projects setting.


Links to the BIMXtra-Project module.


Links to the BIMXtra-Design module.


Links to the BIMXtra-pre-construction module.


Links to the BIMXtra-FourD module.


Links to the BIMXtra-construction module.


Links to the BIMXtra-O&M module.


Links to the BIMXtra-DMS module.


The user favourites section where project favourite pages can be saved and managed. Using this feature is an alternative to navigating to often used pages rather than via the standard menu. 

Please note that new and updated Favourite items will only show after the page has been refreshed in the browser.

Add to Favourites

This saves favourites pages per project for the user that is logged in.  By navigating to a different project you will see a different set of Favourites.

Links can be made to individual DMS Folders, which can save often repeated navigating through a folder tree:

Manage Favourites

Rename or Delete existing Favourites.  Rename by double-clicking link to type new values.

System admin

Opens the system admin page. Only available to super users. Refer to the super user manual for full details. 

Project search

Opens the project search page where you can search all scheduled objects and DMS documents.  Refer to project search for details.

User Menu

Shows the user currently logged in by hovering on the icon,

User Profile

Click to open the User Profile details page, where user can change own account details including Password and PIN no.

User Profile, Company, Address

Change Email, Password, PIN Number, Company and Address  for logged in user account


  • Language - Language to use for menu display
  • Time Zone - Time Zone location for user
  • Skin - UI skin to use for user
  • Recent Projects - Number of projects to show in Recent Project lists


The inbox icon only appears if you've got Schedule Revisions waiting in your approvals queue.

While a schedule is awaiting revision sign off it will be shown with an Orange revision on the design landing page.

Documents: Lists the schedules currently in the approvals queue.

A preview PDF of the schedule to be approved is available by clicking the File column.

Sign Off:  Select the schedules to Sign Off, then use the Sign Off section below

To approve: Select approve, enter your BIMXtra login password, add any comments and click sign off.
To decline: Select decline, enter your BIMXtra password, add any comments and click sign off.

Once a schedule is approved, it will be shown with a Green revision on the design landing page.

Current Page Metrics

Shows stats about page loading timings for the current page.

Export - Export the data to an XLS

Help Documentation

Navigates to the BIMXtra user guides at  Some pages will navigate directly to their context page if available.

Support Portal

Opens the Clearbox Service Desk page where you can report issues and request help.


Shows the BIMXtra notifications panel on the bottom edge of the screen. There is one notifications panel for all BIMXtra notifications, regardless of projects you are working in. 

About BIMXtra

Shows details about the BIMXtra version, including your terms and conditions of access and third party licence details.


Logout from your current web session of BIMXtra.