BIMXtra provides the ability to:

  • Create virtual links from standard DMS folders into Static and Dynamic Folders,
  • See a Dynamic View of a standard folder.

Static Folders

If you link a file into a static folder, this will create a link which will not be updated, for example if the file gets revised in the standard folder, the link in the static folder will not update.

An example of a static folder could be where a user is required to create a folder with contents in it that do not change or amend throughout the life-cycle of the project. A good example of this would be a contract folder. Contract documents are stored in standard DMS folders where they are updated but the Static folder just holds the linked version that was added to the static folder, for example the version of the documents from the time that the contract was signed.

Static folders also support the linking of Previous versions of files.

Dynamic Folders  

If you link a file into a dynamic folder, this will create a link which is kept up to date based on what happens to the file in the standard folder, for example if the file gets revised in the standard folder, the link in the dynamic folder will update.

When the documents are revised/edited/changed/amended within their ‘parent folder’ the system will automatically update the linked files in the dynamic folder.

An example of a dynamic folder could be a work package folder where documents are linked from other folders in the DMS eg drawings, specifications etc. The dynamic folder holds a link to these documents in one place and keeps the links up to date.

Dynamic Views

A Dynamic View is a view of a standard folder that only shows the latest copy of each file in that folder.  It's as if it automatically shows a dynamic link of all files in a source folder.  Security group permissions are handled on the Dynamic View rather than on the source folder.

When the documents are revised/edited/changed/amended within their ‘source folder’ the system will automatically show the latest files in the dynamic view.

Note: A link created into a Dynamic View is a Static Link at the time the link is created.

Folder Permissions

Folder permissions for the users are set in Security Groups. For users to ADD files to Static or Dynamic folders they will require ADD functionality to the relevant folder as set in the Security Groups.

The Static and Dynamic folders have reduced functionality due to their nature and expected use ie. Add, Revise, Edit Meta Data & Move functionality is limited to the parent file or folder is prevented from use in the Dynamic or Static folder location.

Distribute has restricted functionality preventing the ability of adding files to another folder location if the file originates from the Static or Dynamic folder location.

Creating Static and Dynamic Folders

Add a new folder and select either Static or Dynamic option:

Dynamic and Static folders can also be created in the bulk upload Excel template by superusers. Column L allows users to define if the folder is standard, static or dynamic. 

Creating Dynamic Views

Add a new folder and select Dynamic View option:

At the bottom of the panel select the source folder you want the Dynamic View to mirror.

The System Outputs role is required to configure a System Outputs folder.

Linking files into folders

Select the file(s) in the DMS that you wish to create a link for either using;

The select/multiselect function and clicking the Dynamic or Static buttons on the DMS button menu:

Right Click on a file will allow you to make a link for a single document:

Add to Basket (allows users to collect files from around the system and link in one go)

On clicking the Dynamic or Static link buttons, this will present a pop-up window with a folder tree. The only folders visible will be static or dynamic folders (depending on which option you selected) if the dynamic or static folders are sub folders of a standard folder you will also see the parent standard folder in the folder tree listing, however you will be unable to select this.

Select the folder you wish to make the link in using the check boxes and click ok. This will create the link.

Static/Dynamic Folders and Files Limitations

Once the links have been made you will be able to view the files in their location within the Document Library by clicking on the folder and the file will be displayed in the standard DMS document library table view. 

Please note that the following features are not available in Static/Dynamic Folders.

Buttons with reduced functionality:

  • Distribute - Ability to Add to Folder is removed 

Buttons that are disabled:

  • Add - Can't upload into Static / Dynamic folders
  • Revise - Can't Revise files
  • Edit Metadata - Can't Edit file metadata
  • Move - Can't move files
  • Archive - Can't Archive files 
  • Dynamic - Can't link to further Dynamic folders
  • Static - Can't link to further Static folders

Table actions that are disabled

  • Check in / Check out - Can't check out files

Removal of Static/Dynamic Links

Once the Static/Dynamic links have been created they can be removed via 2 options.

  1. Parent File - Deletion of the parent file from which Static/Dynamic files have been created will ensure all Static/Dynamically associated files will be removed.
  2. Static/Dynamic Link - Removal of specific Links can be removed through the below steps.
    • Browse to relevant Static/Dynamic Link in Respective Static/Dynamic Folder
    • Select the respective Linked Files Icon

    • Select the respective Linked File

    • Select the Remove Option

    • Result is the individual Link is Removed