Multiple project access

With access to multiple projects you will be presented with the select project page.  There are 3 view types that show the projects you have access to:

The projects listed are those that you have permission to, due to your and Project Role settings. 

Normal Users can see all the projects they have a User Role in.  In addition Superusers can also see all the projects that have Project Access the same as their own Project Access setting. 

List View

 Shows the List view of projects, which is the default view when logging into BIMXtra.  Projects are grouped into project category types, with your five most recently accessed projects shown in the top section.

Project Metrics are available and show count and status information for UsersComms, Forms and DMS Documents.

Favourite Projects

Select a project as a favourite in order to access it directly from the My Projects menu 

Map View

 Shows a Map view with location markers for all projects. The location marker is set to the Co-ordinates entered in the project configuration.  The Map View will open at the last place you left it.

Card View

 Shows a Card view of projects.

Project Search

Searches for project name or number.  A suggestion list if offered if searching the project name.

Show all

 Shows all projects including archived projects.

Single project access

If you only have access to a single project your home page will be the project Landing page.

Project Metrics

User Count

  Only visible to Superusers.

Shows the number of Active users that have visited the project using any BIMXtra application.  It is intended to give an indication of the project user activity.

Additionally, click on the icon to download the "Project User Access" report, which provides full details of all users who have any user role access to the project.  The report includes the Date Last Accessed, which is blank if the user has not visited the project.  It also includes all account access including active and non-active users.


Only visible to Superusers.

An icon showing the percentage of active users who have access to the project, that have accessed the project.

Additionally, click on the icon to download the "User Logins" report, which provides a monthly summary of user visits to the project.

Docs Count

Visible for Superusers and anyone with the DMS Admin role on the project.

Shows the total number of docs uploaded to the project since your last project visit.  Please note users may not have access to those docs, as configured by the project Security groups.

Links directly to the landing page of the project DMS (Shared Documents folder).

Comms Count

Icons are visible for Superusers and anyone with a Comms role on the project.

In addition the Active and Complete status counts of the project Comms are shown.

Forms Count

 Icons are visible for Superusers and anyone with a Construction role on the project.

In addition the status counts show for the User's visibility of forms is shown.  IE for their own forms or form all forms.  the counts link directly to the Forms Detail view with the Status filter set.

Docs for Review Count

Icons are visible for Superusers and anyone with the DMS Admin role on the project. 

In addition users with DMS Admin role will see the status counts for the project Docs.  The counts refer to the number of recipient actions and link directly to the Project Docs for Review list with the Status filter set.


The current Project PoW LOD configuration.

Import Status

 An icon showing the status of the last imported model, and one showing the percentage of configured Schedule fields that are populated with values.