There are 3 types of document search that are available in BIMXtra:

All search results are dependant on User Permissions set via DMS Security Groups and thus searching only provides results over items specifically granted permission to.  Refer to Security group access for details.

Search will allow for misspellings of common words.

The Search results setting limits how many results are returned.  Refer to User Settings > DMS Tab for search settings.

Search Criteria

When entering criteria in any textbox  you can use:

  • The wildcard character * for bulk searching.
  • The "" characters for specific searching
  • Multiple values to search for

Search is not case sensitive (i.e. the text case is ignored)

For example, if you are searching for door, you may try one of the below criteria:

*door*  - will return anything containing 'door', e.g. externaldoorset, door, door handle

*door    - will return anything ending with 'door', e.g. externaldoor, timberdoor

door*    - will return anything beginning with 'door', e.g. doorhandle, doorframe

Do*r      - will return anything beginning 'Do' and ending with 'r', e.g. Door, Doctor, Dossier

"internal door"   - will return anything containing this phrase (including the space)

door internal glass - Will return anything containing ALL of these terms

Quick Search

The Quick Search entry box is located at the top of the DMS folder tree.  It provides the ability to search for entered criteria in the document Filename, Title & Content.

Enter your search criteria, separated by a space, and hit Enter on your keyboard or click the Search button to see the results in the main document Window.  


  • CBX                  : would find any docs containing a field value of CBX
  • CB*                  : would find any docs containing a field beginning with CB
  • CBX 001           : would find any doc containing both CBX and 001 in any of its field values
  • CBX, 001           : would find any doc containing either CBX or 001 in any of its field values
  • CBX 001 PDF   : would find any doc containing all CBX, 001 and PDF in any of of field values
  • CB* *01           : would find any doc with a field beginning with CB and a field ending in 01
  • "CBX.pdf", "001.pdf"  : would find files called '' and '001.pdf'

Hit Clear to clear your search results and return to the main document listing for the current folder.

The  Options will allow the User to achieve precise searching using the options below.

Settings applied within the options in the space apply to all quick search spaces within the within the DMSie. Linking Secondary files, Documenst for review, etc.

Current Folder Only : Limits search to the currently selected folder only if ON, otherwise searches all folders in the current container (WIP, Shared or Published)

Include Title in Basic Search : Enables the ability to search by Title column

Exact Text Match only in Basic Search : Forces your search to only return items that exactly match the term requested

Enable Fuzzy Search: Allows for misspelling of common words and applies to Filename, Title & Content

NOTE: Exact match and Fuzzy Search are mutually exclusive

Show Content in DMS Search Results : Enables the Basic Search to return results based on the content of the files

Show Previous Revisions in DMS quick basic results : Enables Basic Search to return Previous revisions of revised documents as part of the Search

Quantity: The maximum number of results returned by the quick and advanced search functions.   This means the search will stop once this number has been reached - you must note that there may still be more results matching your criteria.  A prompt will popup in the bottom right of the screen warning you that this limit has been reached.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search button is located at the top of the DMS folder tree.  

It provides a fully featured facility that can search on all file criteria.  The exact criteria that you are offered in the Advanced Search panel is determined by the configuration of the DMS.

Enter all criteria you would like to include in the single search result - i.e. the results must contain all of the criteria you have set.  Drop down selectors only show items that are configured in your DMS docs.

Use the same criteria as Quick Search, including multiple files criteria, in any field that is a text entry EG Filename and Title.

Include WIP/Share/Published - Includes results from all all primary folder containers.

Include Static & Dynamic Folders - Includes searching inside of Static & Dynamic Folders when selected.

Include All Revisions - Returns all revisions of a file that meet the search criteria when it is selected.  It only returns the latest version of file when not selected.

Current Folder Only - Limits search to the currently selected folder only if ON, otherwise searches all folders in the current container (WIP, Shared or Published),

Current Folder (incl subfolders) - Search in the current folder and all subfolders

- Determines the logic rule to use with multiple search criteria. 

  • Logical OR means that search results include any document that includes ANY of the search criteria,
  • Logical AND means that search results include only documents that include ALL of the search criteria.

Results are returned in the main Document Window. Use the Clear Search button to clear results and return to the main document listing for the current folder.

Repeat usage of Advanced Search will notify the user that previous settings are in use and will highlight the specific settings to the user. See Below.

ZIP File Contents

The content of ZIP files stored within the DMS can be searched using the Contains option within Advanced Search.  The ZIP file must allow indexing of contents and when it does both the Filenames and the File contents are searched.  If any results are found then the ZIP file itself will be returned and will be downloaded.

Document Annotations

Markup Annotations attached to files in the DMS can be searched using the Document Annotations option within Advanced Search

Project Search

The Project Search button is located to the top right of the BIMXtra web page in the main project bar and can be used for searching documents, objects and forms in BIMXtra.

Refer to Project Search for more details.