Along the top of the schedules there are two sets of buttons.

  • On the left hand side of the screen you will find the following buttons:

  • On the right hand side of the screen:

While on the bottom Left hand side of the screen are the Page Navigation tools:


 Export the selected schedule listing into Excel for editing and re-upload. Refer to edit schedules for details.


 Open the settings window where export grouping and schedule grouping options can be selected.

Show column headers

Shows the schedule column headers, where the name shown is the BIMXtra internal column name that is referred to in the grouping lists.

 Sets the column invisible, effectively deleting it from the schedule.

 Super users only.  Opens the Column settings panel to edit the current enabled column properties.  Also available via schedule configuration where further properties can be enabled for the column.

Export grouping

When a .xls of the schedule is downloaded it will be split into TABS based on the values in the export grouping setting.  By default all entries of a schedule will appear in a single TAB in the .xls.


Sets the columns to group the schedule by when set to grouped view. 

Enable grouping - Enables/disables the group/ungroup button.

Group / ungroup

 Turns the schedule group view on/off.  Schedules are grouped based on the current grouping settings.  Not available until enable grouping is on.


Open the filters window where the schedule listing can be filtered on a list of criteria that can be built into a logical query.

Query Operators are:

  • Equals - A column entry must be an exact match
  • Not Equal To - A column entry but be a mismatch
  • Like - A column entry must include this value anywhere
  • Not Like - A column entry must not include this value anywhere
  • Greater Than - A column numeric entry must be larger
  • Greater Than or Equal To - A column numeric entry must be larger or equal to
  • Less Than - A column numeric entry must be smaller
  • Less Than or Equal To - A column numeric entry must be smaller or equal to

Show deletes

  Refresh the schedule listing to include deleted items in the current revision.  It is possible to have a schedule with no objects in it if those models have been deleted.  In this case you will need to show deletes in order to revise the schedule again before any further objects are added to it.

Hide deletes

 Once the deleted components are visible the option to hide deletes replaces the show deletes option.

Schedule Search

 Searches the current schedule for any items meeting your search criteria.

Geometry summary

Show the length/area/volume summary of the selected schedule. These columns are also exported to the .xls with the edit button.

Plan of Works (PoW) requirements summary

 Show the configured stage setting for all of the columns of the selected schedule.

Download audit history

 Export the selected schedule listing into Excel for editing variation costs and re-upload.


 Download a .pdf export of the current schedule.


Schedule revisions are key staging points in the BIMXtra workflows with many aspects pivoting on them.

 Select the revision of the schedule to show.  The revision that an item was last modified in is shown in the rev column on the far left of the view.

New revision

Create a new revision of a schedule.  Schedules can be setup to have Approvals.  Schedules can only be revised once they have been edited from any previous revisions - in other words unedited schedules can't be revised.  If a schedule has only had items deleted from it since the last revision it will be necessary to show deletes before the schedule can be revised.

Enter an alias revision and description, then create to start the schedule revision.

Page Navigation

The full display of the schedule is often over a number of Pages, which will vary as Filters and Groupings are changed.

 Shows the Total Number of pages for the results, with the current page highlighted.

   Navigate to the First and Last pages

  Navigate to the Previous and Next pages

 Navigate directly to a specific page

Set the page size to display.  Note that column sorting operates on the current page contents, not the entire schedule.  Page loading times will be quicker for small page sizes.