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Responsibility codes (RC) are used to categorise items into groupings or into various 'Responsibilities'. These are used in various places around the system, e.g. FourD, or data export. They can be used for other reasons specific to your project requirement.

There are 10 predefined codes RC1-10 and these can be renamed as required.

Responsibility codes are further sub divided into Responsibility Packages (RP). Again, these are used for various reasons within BIMXtra or as your project requires.

Landing page

This view shows the Responsibility codes summary listing of current design components. Initially, all components are added into RP No 9999 in all of the RC01-RC10 available RCs.
RCs can be set to live or latest revision data – refer to code setup for details.

  • Responsibility codes summary - Select the RC radio button to show the details of that RC.
  • RP No - The number of responsibility packages currently setup in the responsibility code.
  • Schedule - The associated design schedule name.
  • Status - The checked out status of an RC Schedule. A padlock is shown for checked out schedules, hovering over the padlock shows details of who has it checked out. Click send notification email to send that person a request to check in the schedule.

  • Delta - When items are awaiting approval by schedule approver they will be shown with a highlight triangle. Hover on the triangle to see details of the required approver.

  • Issue: Shows the generated RC schedule issue. Hover on the issue no. to see further details. Press the .pdf/.dwf icons to download a .pdf/.dwf of the RC schedule issue.

  • Total - The total number of items from the design schedule assigned to the RC.
  • Design total - The total number of approved items from the design schedule assigned to the RC.
  • Design unapproved - The total number of unapproved items from the design schedule assigned to the RC.
  • Amendments since previous issue -

New The number of new items added from the design schedule in the current issue.
Changed The number of changed items in the current issue.
Unchanged The number of unchanged items in the current issue.
Delete The number of items deleted from the current issue.
Into RP The number of items moved into the RP in this current issue.
Out of RP The number of items moved out of the RP in this current issue.

  •  % Complete
  •  Issued
  •   RP summary status report - Select the print icon to download the RP Summary report .pdf via the BIMXtra report viewer.
  •   View RC schedule -Select one of the listed schedules links to open its RP view. From here you can edit the schedule to set the RCs.

Code Setup

  • Activate - Activates the RC for use in other areas of BIMXtra when selected.
  • Default Code - The system name for the RC.
  • New Name - The 'user friendly' name for the RC.
  • Note - Any system notes relevant to the RC.
  • Save -Saves any changes made to the RC setup.

Package setup

Shows the Responsibility packages (RP) setup for the selected responsibility code. Each package has a number, a name and a status. An RP must have an active status in order to be configured and have items added to it.

  • Show All - Show all responsibility packages, including inactive ones.
  • Add new package -  Opens the edit responsibility code package panel.
  • Number - The responsibility package number.
  • Name - The responsibility package name.
  • Issued To - List of people to issue a responsibility package to. The left-hand panel shows people with access to the project, the right hand side shows those being issued the RP. Use the Left/Right arrow keys in between the two to move people from side to side.
  • Active - Shows whether the RP is active or not. It has to be an active package in order to add items to it.
  • Update / Cancel - Update the RP settings or cancel any edits you have made.

Assign codes and packages to components

This is the RC landing page. Refer above for details.

Generating package information pack

Generate an RC schedule issue.
Select the radio button for the RC, then select the list item for the RP to issue.

The middle panel shows the details of the active packages for the selected Issue. These details can't be edited here. Refer above for details to configure.

Generate the RC schedule issue.


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