Read Only columns

Blue columns indicate Read Only data that can't be edited in BIMXtra.  Often this is because it has been mapped in directly from the uploaded model. Refer to the mapping page for details.

Data configured this way must be revised in the authoring application and uploaded to BIMXtra again.

Status column

Individual Items each have a status enabling different items to have different status' in the same schedule revision. These are shown in the Status column.


The Status options are configured in the Project > Configuration – BS1192 settings. (Refer to super user guide for full details)
BIMXtra shows any calculated totals in green cells when a design schedule is shown grouped. These calculated totals can't be edited and if the individual values are shown when the design schedule is shown in full detail.

Editable columns

Editable fields are shown as Grey cells and are those that have not been mapped in from the original model and can be edited by a user with edit access rights. Editing is done via an Excel download as detailed later on.


Optional User Role: Design Tab > Schedules > Edit 

Edited text is shown as either black or in an alternative style configured in Project > Configuration > Schedule Formatting ( the default is White Italics ). The style shows whether the user who edited the data has the right to issue a schedule revision.


Optional User Role: Design Tab > Schedules > Issue

This enables data to be edited by certain people while they do not have the authority to approve and revise the schedule as a whole.
Black text: Indicates that the data has been changed by a user with the issue right.
Alternative text (white italics): Indicates that the data has been changed by a user without the issue right.

URL Links

Any text containing a URL link will be highlighted and if clicked will open in a new browser window.

Web schedules support multiple links per field, however Insight Schedule Data view only supports a single URL per field.

Model Security Levels

Users only see items in schedules if those items are in Models that the users's Information Security role allows access to.

Secure items are hidden from the user completely and do not show in the schedule view.