Configures the programme instances for the project. Each programme instance has a .csv file uploaded to it and columns mapped into BIMXtra. 

The instance forms the individual FourD sequence and so multiple sequences can be configured and compared in a single project.

Programme instances are configured with the following steps:

Create a programme instance

Add a new programme instance. Enter a unique name and press  to save.

Please use unique instance names for different versions of the .csv file. FourD can only store one version of the .csv filename, therefore if multi-programme instances are linked to the same .csv filename, that .csv file will be applied to all those instances.

Generate .csv programme file

Most planning software can export .csv files of it's programmes. An alternative is to use Excel to create the file manually (note the file must have a .csv extension).

BIMXtra requires the .csv to contain at least the following columns:
Activity ID, activity name, WBS code, planned start date, planned end date.

The following columns are also supported in BIMXtra:
Actual start date, actual end date, progress %, planned duration, actual duration, remaining duration, float, predecessors, successors.

Upload .csv file to the instance

Upload a .csv programme file to the programme instance via the BIMXtra upload wizard.

Map columns from the .csv into the instance

Map the programme details to the columns in the .csv file. Click the incomplete link to show the column mapping panel on the map programme fields page. For each entry, select the .csv file column from the drop down selector. Click save mapping to save when complete.

Programme validation 

Once the field mapping is saved, BIMXtra will perform 3 error checks prior to allowing the programme information to be linked to the WBS package objects.
Any failed checks are identified with the Fail label in the summary table. Click on the Fail link to show a report of the failed items.

The 3 checks are:

  • Duplicate WBS codes: Checks to see if two or more activities in the .csv file are reporting the same WBS code. Each activity must have a unique WBS code.
  • Activities without Dates: Checks for any activities that do not have valid start and end dates associated to them.
  • Activities with Invalid WBS Code: Checks for activities that have WBS codes that are invalid or blank.

Any incomplete steps for configuring the programme instance are identified with the Incomplete label in the summary table.

Once complete the programme instance will show Satisfied / Pass for all activities and you are ready to continue to the next stage and connect the programme Instance to the WBS Codes for the project.