Logon to BIMXtra

Navigate to your instance of BIMXtra and enter your user name and password as provided to you by your super user.
Use the Forgot Your Password link to reset or change your password.

You will be sent a two factor authentication code to the email registered with your account.

The Code will be valid for 15 minutes. You can use the click here link if you want to request another code.

When you have been logged in you will land at the Project Selection page unless you only have access to one project. In that case you will land at the Project Landing page.

Reset Password

If you would like to reset your Password use the 'Request a new password' link.

You will be prompted to enter a BIMXtra user account name, and then press 'Send'.

An email will get sent to the email address of that user account with a link to click to enter a new Password.

Follow the link and enter your new password

Whereby you can now return to the main Login screen and login with your new password.

Note: Your password can also be changed, once you have logged in, via the User Profile page.

Reset Locked Account

After 5 failed attempts to login your account will be locked out and a message displayed:

You have 2 choices here:

  1. Reset you Password and continue again with that new password,
  2. Contact your BIMXtra administrator who can unlock your account for you.  However, once your account is unlocked you will still need to Reset your Password yourself if you can't remember it.