This summary page provides information to identify the status of design for your project at a component level, as it has been captured in a structured manner through design schedules. The schedules give you an opportunity to control the use of data through the various stages of your project. BIMXtra tracks all the components throughout their history within the project, so you can track any changes that happen to them. The design summary shows the most recent design schedule revision making it quick to identify any and all changes to the design environment.

Design schedules

Design schedules are listed if they are turned on in project configuration and have items mapped into them. Select the schedule name to view the design schedule detailed view.

View components

Allows you to add the schedule to the basket and to view in Insight.


Allows users to add comments to schedules at a high level.


A padlock will be displayed if a schedule is checked out for editing. Hovering over the padlock will show who has it checked out and allow an email to be sent to ask them to check the schedule back in.

Import status

 A warning symbol will be displayed if a model import is in progress.


Displays and makes accessible the latest revision in a downloadable .pdf format:


Green = Approved Revised Schedules
Amber = Schedule Revision Awaiting approval
Red = Rejected
Schedules can be revised as required by the document owner.


Displays the total number of components per schedules including a total per category and per project.


Change is tracked when new models are loaded and mapped into the system.

  • Unchanged – The remainder of components that have not changed in the current revision.
  • New – New items can only come from the model space.
  • Changed – Denotes edits made to schedules manually through Excel or from models.
  • Deleted – Components can only be deleted from the model space.

The numbers used to indicate the quantity of change are selectable and will immediately take you to a filtered schedule showing only the selected changes.

Non compliant

Total number of items that have not passed any defined validation rules.

Comms: Total number of components in that schedule with an open Comm raised against them. From the design summary page, any components with open or outstanding Comms can immediately be seen and accessed. To view the associated Comm, select the corresponding number within the Comm column. This will return a filtered Comm List according to the corresponding schedule and number of Comms.


Shows the number of objects with open Comms attached to them in that schedule.  Links to a filtered list of the schedule showing those objects.


Shows the number of objects with Forms attached to them in the schedule.  Links to a filtered list of the schedule showing those objects.


Displays the average of level of detail (LoD) column in the design schedule.

Design progress % complete

The bar indicates how complete the schedule is based on the number of columns which contain data.

Red = 0% - 20%,
Amber = 20% - 70%
Green = 70% - 100%

Design progress graph

Hover over the chart icon to reveal a design progress graph. 

The planned dates can be manually updated or through an import from the overall project programme.

Save an image of this graph with data summary

Download and edit the planned dates in Excel.

On the Detail worksheet:

  • Fill out values for the planned start (0%) and end dates (100%)
  • Fill out values for the planned man-days (BIM time)


Further details can be seen on the progress worksheet:

Double click Update to update the BIMXtra project with your data edits.

Enter your BIMXtra login details.
For further details of editing via an Excel spreadsheet refer to the Edit section.

Print landing page report

Print the landing page via the BIMXtra report viewer.