The IFC Exporter can be accessed as a standalone application as described below or accessed through Insight.

In Insight the application can be accessed under Export tab as shown in screenshot below.

Please refer to instruction in this guide to the operation of the functionality.


The IFC Exporter is available from our apps page.

IMPORTANT - PC Admin Rights

Please note you will need Admin rights on your PC to install the DMS Client. If you do not have Admin permission on your computer please contact your company's IT support.

Download and run the installer under local PC administrator privileges.  

The installation will prompt for an install folder and you are required to agree to the Licence Terms.

Press 'Installto continue.

Once installed, you will find the IFC Exporter application in the Clearbox Limited folder of your Windows menu.


Once logged in, you will see the main program menu. 


The Project panel of the menu provides two options Select Project. and Settings where you can change the service instance.

Select Project

'Select Project' will require you to log in  to connect to.

Log In

Enter your BIMXtra credentials and Log In to continue. The BIMXtra server you are currently configured for is shown in the title bar.

Press Settings to change the BIMXtra server.


Select the BIMXtra server to connect to.

Select you Project from the list of Projects you have access to.

User will require 'Publish Models' role enabled on the Project to use this function and should contact their SuperUser if required.

Select the Company that is considered the Model Owner. Users from this Company with the appropriate permissions are able to view these sheets in BIMXtra.

Any users from Additional companies will also be able to configure and map the data of this model in BIMXtra.

When connected to a project, its name appears in the program tile bar.

Settings: Access the BIMXtra server setting.


Sets the Logging level for the IFC Upload.

  • Verbose – Full Logging
  • Default – Normal Logging
  • None – No Logging

Logging will be shown in the main program window during upload.

Name IFC Object

The IFC field to map into the BIMXtra Object Name when exported into the project.


Select a single .IFC File for upload, or
Select a folder to batch upload all .IFC files saved in it.

In either case you will be prompted to enter an optional Building Name and a Building Level.
Click OK to continue and upload the .IFC file.

When complete, the upload details can be found on the Project > Model Import page of BIMXtra web.

IFC Relationships

IFC Exporter currently supports the IfcRelContainedInSpatialStructure relationship for IfcSite, IfcBuilding, IfcBuildingStorey and IfcSpace and allows mapping of the Containing structure details into the schedules for the Contained objects.

IFC Pre-Processing

BIMXtra IFC Exporter can pre-process an IFC file and adjust parameters to suit your workflow.

  • Add Folder - Add all .IFC files from a selected folder to the Conversion List
  • Add Files - Add a single selected .IFC file to the Conversion List
  • Select Folder - Select the folder for the converted .IFC files
  • Clear List - Clear the current Conversion List
  • Start Conversion - Process the current Conversion List


IFC files can have their IFC GUID, IFC Name and IFC Description fields updated by replacing the values with another property from the IFC file.

For example to replace the IFC GUID value with another value held in a NewGUID property, enter NewGUID into the IFC GUID settings box:

The Record Existing IFC GUID option will save the original GUID value into a new Property called SourceGUID in the BIMXtra Property Set

Bentley (PW)

IFC files produced in Bentley Projectwise often do not have consistent GUIDs between versions of a file.  This means the objects in those files doe not get accurately tracked and scheduled. 

The Bentley pre-processor amends the IFC GUIDs into a consistent form for use in BIMXtra and provides for correct results in tracking and scheduling.  The original Bentley object handle is used and set as the IFC GUID.

Upload IFC Geometry

In order to load the Geometry of an IFC file into the BIMXtra project it needs to be:

  • Converted to a .CBX file
  • Uploaded to the Project Document Library > Insight Visualisations folder.  This can be done either:
    • Manual upload (as per the existing workflow) via the web 
    • Directly published to the Project from Insight

See below for detail on how to accomplish these steps.

Convert .IFC to .CBX

Open the Insight application and use the File (Orange Cube) > Open command to load the .IFC file. 

Optionally use the File > Append command to load multiple files into the same model.

Your IFC geometry loads into Insight and now choose either the manual or automatic uploads of the .CBX file to the BIMXtra project.

It is sometimes the case in IFC files that objects don't have an EXPLICIT colour.  In this case those objects are set to the Undefined Colour and Transparency set in Insight Application Colours.

Manual Upload 

Firstly, use the Insight Save command to save as a .CBX file locally on your PC. It is important to use the same file name as the uploaded .IFC file to ensure correct connection of data & geometry in the BIMXtra project.

Next, you will need Add Security group permission to the Insight Visualisation folder of the BIMXtra Project Document Library.

Use the Add Document function to add your .CBX file, or Revise to update an existing one.
Refer to the DMS User Guide for full details of these commands.

Direct Publish

Use the Insight Save command to publish a .CBX file directly to your BIMXtra project from Insight.

Open via Insight

Once uploaded to the document library, the model will be available to view in Insight, using the Load Content > Model command.