FourD Introduction

For an introduction to FourD please refer to FourD Introduction & Workflows

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Navigate to BIMXtra Project > FourD

The landing page for the FourD module shows summary information relating to the programmes uploaded to the BIMXtra project. Each table shown represents one uploaded programme, with the title of the programme shown in the title of the table.

The summary tables are broken into the following sections:

  • Phases: Number of phases created within the programme. A phase code represents an activity to be carried out (example 1st Fix Drywall construction).

  • Packages: Numbers of packages (groups of objects) and the type of packages created and used with that programme.
  • Programme Rows: Number of rows in the uploaded programme file.
  • Programme Filename: The uploaded .csv programme filename.
  • Linked Programme Rows: Number of rows in the programme linked to WBS objects in BIMXtra.
  • Mapped BIMXtra Objects: Number of objects linked to the FourD simulation.


The FourD module dashboard allows you to select a programme that has been uploaded to BIMXtra and show the data as two interactive graphs, showing the number of versions of a programme uploaded and the number of objects linked, compared to the total number of objects in the project.
Use the programme selector to see the 'number of components assigned to activity' graph for that programme.