Drawing manager is one of the project library areas for 2D drawings.  The second is Project > Document Library > Onsite Floor Plans


Drawings are uploaded to the drawing manager either by:

Exported WIP Sheets

The WIP/issue drawings column shows how each drawing was uploaded. 

Drawings uploaded via the exporter plugin are also shown in grey italics text, while manually uploaded drawings are shown in black normal text.

Uploaded drawings are automatically tracked, matching items that are scheduled to items in each drawing and thus linking 3D and 2D objects within the project.

 Drawings uploaded to drawing manager are visible in Insight via load content > drawings. 

  • Drawing number - This is the drawing number entered in the manual upload or extracted from the WIP sheets export plugin. Expand the left-hand side arrow to show all drawing revisions.
  • Rev - The drawing revision entered in the manual upload or extracted from the WIP sheets export plugin.
  • Select - Include the selected drawing in command actions.
  • Plotted date - The plotted date of the drawing.
  • Uploaded date - The uploaded date of the drawing.
  • Status - The status of the drawing in relation to its model:
  •    The drawing is up to date, i.e. all tracked items have current models.
  •    The drawing is out of date, i.e. there is a model upload that is newer for any of the tracked items.
  • WIP / Issue drawing - Shows how the drawing was uploaded to BIMXtra:
    •   The drawing was manually uploaded.
    • The drawing was uploaded by the WIP sheets Revit plugin. 
  • Drawing preview -  Hover to reveal a thumbnail review image of the drawing.
  • Original drawing - Open the original uploaded drawing in your .dwfx viewer.
  • Tracked drawing - Open the tracked drawing in your .dwfx viewer. Tracked items are items that have been scheduled in BIMXtra and they will be highlighted in blue in the tracked drawing.

  • Components not scheduled - Open the drawing in your .dwfx viewer. Items that have not been scheduled in BIMXtra will be highlighted in red in the drawing.

  • Issue drawing - An alternative way to distribute a single drawing.
  • Issue history - Show the issue history of the drawing:

  • Drawing source link - Edit the assignments of the drawing:

  • Delete - Delete the drawing. Deleted drawings can't be recovered.
  • Manually Upload Drawings -Show the upload drawings panel.
  • Merge - Select multiple drawings and use merge to download them in a single .zip file. Select the type of the drawing to download.

  • Distribute - Shows the DMS distribution panel to enable the selected drawings to be issued.

Refer to the DMS user guide for full details of the distribute function.

  • Compare -  Select two drawings and open a comparison of them in your .dwfx viewer. New, or changed items will be highlighted in green, old, or deleted items will be highlighted in red.
  • Options:
    • Show WIP / progress prints - Show WIP sheets in the listing (WIP/ issue column)
    • Show issued drawings - Show issued drawings in the listing (issue column)
    • Show deleted drawings - Show deleted drawings in the listing (delete column)
    • Show out of date drawings - Show out of date drawings in the listing (status column)

Show any items that have been scheduled but are not shown on any drawings. Data is shown via the BIMXtra report viewer.

Manually upload drawings

Use this button to upload .dwfx files that have been produced via a Revit export and .cbd files that have been saved from Insight.

Use browse to select the files to upload or drag and drop them into the green box.

For each drawing you load, select it (in the far left-hand column) and enter the drawing numberdrawing namerevision and model name. Upload to continue. This makes the link between 2D and 3D objects in the project.