Documents For Review provides a single, user specific, interface for all documents that have been Distributed to them.  It is the main area for users to review those documents and get access to information that is relevant to them. 

In many cases Docs For Review (known for short) is the sole area for Users to work in, especially if they are primarily interested in Receiving and Sending information through the DMS and they are not taking part in the system admin itself.

Documents of Review has the following pages:


Available to users with the DMS Admin role.  Provides an Overview of all documents that have been Distributed in the system.

Refer to Docs For Review Overview.


Available to users with the Documents For Review role.  It acts as the default Landing Page for Documents for Review and provides a full featured, user specific view for Searching, Reviewing and Commenting on all information that has been distributed to them.

Refer to Docs for Review List.