Provides a summary of all documents that have been distributed in the BIMXtra project.  Access is granted to DMS Admins.


Shows the list of folders currently configured in the DMS.  Click the arrow at the left hand edge to expand the tree to the next folder level.

Document Counts

The Document Counts shown on each folder line in the Overview table show the number of documents in each folder that have been distributed.  The numbers are all links to the Docs For Review List page with the Filters set to show those documents.


The total No of document distributions in that that are past their Response Required By date as set in the distribution.


The total No of document distributions that have not been Closed by the recipients of those distributions.


The total No of document distributions that have been Closed by the recipients of those distributions.


The total No of document distributions.

% Complete

 Graphic that shows the % of total document distributions that are Complete.

Collapse All / Expand All

Collapse / Expand the table view to show all Transmittals status counts in their respective folders.  Click on the colour counts to open Docs4Review page with the filters set to show those transmittals.