Distribution is the primary way to control document workflows through the DMS. 

Once documents have been distributed to people they are accessible directly via each person's Documents For Review page. 

Therefore use of Distribute and Documents For Review is key to a successful DMS implementation.

Distribution and Transmittal

Note: Recipients will understand and refer to 'Distributions' as 'Transmittals' and therefore the 2 terms are used interchangeably in this document.  References to each should be understood to be references to the same thing. 

Follow the following steps in order to Distribute files:

Select All Files to Distribute

From the main DMS File Table select all the files you require and click Distribute button.

Your selected files are listed in the top panel section where you can further select them to continue with the Distribution.  Therefore you can select multiple files in the main file table and further split them into several different Distributions in the Distribute panel.  As you 387pxdistribute files in this command they will be removed from the top listing.

Select Files for Each Distribution

Select the files you would like to group into a single Distribution.  A 'single distribution' is one that has a set of documents sent with the same settings and status' to a group of people all defined by a unique Transmittal No.   The maximum total number of files is 100 per Transmittal.

Columns include:

  • Filename 
  • Title
  • File Type
  • Revision - Either the revision of the selected file or the revision of the Distributed file if set in the Destination Folder panel,
  • Destination Folder - The Folder of the Distributed file if set in the Destination Folder panel,
  • Previous Recipients - Hover on the icon to show the list of previous recipients of the document, whose user accounts are currently active.  Any non active are not shown.
  • Previous CC'd Recipients - Hover on the icon to show the list of previous CC'd recipients of the document, whose user accounts are currently active.  Any non active are not shown.

With your required files selected continue to the Detail of Issue panel below.

Detail of Issue

Enter the details that refer to the all the documents distributed in a single Transmittal.

  • Subject - The subject of the Transmittal as it appears in Notification Emails and the Document For Review page (this subject may include some special characters such as ' = + ! " $ ( ) ^).
  • Transmittal Purpose/Suitability - The Purpose code, pre-defined by the DMS Admin to refer to the Transmittal of Documents.  Please note this is not necessarily the same as the Purpose of an original Document.  This is the manner in which documents move through the system with their Purpose's set by each transmittal to suit that stage.  In other words the documents will be given the same suitability upon approval as the Transmittal Purpose itself.
    • Please Note - The Purpose/Suitability as Stated in the distribution will be inherited by the Document that has been Distributed when the Distributed document has been Approved or Approved with Comment.
    • Also refer to Separate Transmittal Purpose and Document Suitability below for alternative behaviour.
  • Response required By - The Date and Time by which the recipients have to respond and thus the transmittal is considered 'Active'.  Once past the Response Date without a recipient response, the document is considered 'Overdue'.
  • Expiry - The Date until which the document is available for the recipients to access.  Once past the Expiry date, the document is no longer available to its recipients.
  • Attach Transmittal - Include a summary PDF Transmittal in all email notifications for the transmittal. 
    • Note: The PDF Transmittal is saved in the DMS in Published \ Z. System Outputs \ Document Transmittals
  • Include Secondary File - Includes any attached Secondary files as part of the distribution when Distributing to another folder.
  • Details - A free text field to enter further details for the Transmittal.

Now continue to the Distribute To panel to the right.

Separate Transmittal Purpose and Document Suitability

This option can be set within the Project Configuration for the project and allows a separate Transmittal purpose (for the Document Transmittal) to be set from the Document(s) suitability.

  • Transmittal Purpose - The Transmittal Purpose can be set within BS1192 configuration to provide a project controlled Reason for distribution of documents.
  • Document Suitability - This is the document suitability as defined in the BS1192 configuration and can be set to each document of the distribution in order to update the document in the DMS as a result of a distribution Approval of that document.  In other words the documents can be given a different suitability upon approval from the Transmittal Purpose itself.
    • Please Note - The system now allows the options to retain Current Document Suitability as hosted byt the document to be retained as required for document approval processes

Distribute To

Select all users who will be recipients of a single Transmittal.  The maximum total number of recipients / cc is 50 per Transmittal.

  • Groups - Select the Distribution Group to show it's users in the window below.
  • Add External User - Add an External User to the Project.  Refer to External Users for details.
  • To - Add Users selected in the left hand panel to the Recipients list in the right hand panel.  These recipients will be included in the counts of Active and Overdue documents.
  • CC - Add Users selected in the left hand panel to the CC list in the right hand panel.  These recipients will not be included in the counts of Active and Overdue documents and the transmittal purpose/suitability in documents for review will be set to 'CC'd for information.
  • < - Remove users from the right hand panel they are selected in and thus form the distribution.

Now continue to the Destination Folder panel to the right.

External Users

External Users are recipients who have not been configured as BIMXtra users and given access to the project DMS.  This is a mechanism to send documents to recipients within the Security and Auditing framework of BIMXtra and not require the use of a further distribution mechanism.

Enter the Details of the External User which must include a First Name, Sirname, Company Name and Email.

External Users are included for selection in the External Users distribution Group.  Therefore they only need to be setup the first time you wish to distribute to them in the project.

Once the Distribution is sent any External User will receive an email notification that a document has been issued to them.  Instructions on how to log in will be sent in the email with their first distribution.

External Users will be able to log into BIMXtra and get access to a Documents For Review in order to View, Download and Comment on documents.  If they are distributed from different projects, they will also see the Project List where they can then select the relevant project. 

Destination Folder

Due to the fact that External Users do not have full DMS access, and are thus not included in Security Group permissions any Distribution that includes an External User will have it's Destination Folder configuration disabled.  In other words a distribution to External Users must ensure the subject files are in the correct location before starting the Distribution command. 

In turn External Users do not see , and can't filter on, the file folders or Containers.

Details for all users on a project, including emails associated to External Users are available in the Project User Access report for Superusers.

Approval Required

Approval required is an optional function that enables Approval weighting to be switched on for the each distribution as required. 

This functionality is controlled through Security Groups setting and provides control for who and from where documents can be sent for Approval. 

Approval Weighting is a mechanism by which any Documents can be passed through a formal Approval which ensures any document can be Approved or Rejected through a collective weighting principal. There by requiring one or more responses to approve or reject a document for the document to receive an "Official" approved or rejection status. This result is then recorded against each file as required within the Documents folder location and is specific to the documents current revision and suitability status. Please refer to Distribution Status for more information.

Destination Folder

Optionally, the documents in the distribution, can be:

  • Copied to a new folder location in the DMS
  • Set with a new Revision on the distributed files

The options you use here are key to determine the workflow you are using through the DMS.

Documents can only be copied:

  • From WIP folders to other WIP folders, Share or Published folders,
  • From Share Folders to other Share folders or Published folders,
  • To folders that the Distributor has Add security group access to, and that ALL recipients have at least View access to,
  • If no External Users are included in the Distribution.

  • Add to Folder - Select the folder to create the distributed file copy in.  The folder will then be shown in the filename panel Destination Folder column.
  • Revision - Set the Revision of the distributed file.  
  • Save - Apply the set Revision to the current transmittal files.

Referring to the top Files panel the Revision and Destination Folder columns will show Blue links to the target settings.  Click the links to Remove the Settings, but to keep all other details about the file in the current transmittal.

If a document is copied to a new destination folder, then the copied file is given the Transmittal Purpose as it's own Document Purpose.  In this way documents progress through the system via a series of distributions with each newly copied (distributed) file having the appropriate Purpose.

Now continue to the DMSDistribute button below.

Send Distribution

  Trigger the current distribution and remove the selected files from the Distribute session.  At this point you can continue with the next distribution by returning to the top panel and selecting the next set of files to Distribute, repeating the whole process as required.

  Cancel the current distribution and close the Distribute panel.

Email Notifications

All recipients receive email Transmittal notifications regardless of any settings they have set.  The email includes the following details:

  • Response Required By Date
  • Expiry Date
  • Project Name
  • Project Number
  • Document Transmittal Number
  • Issue Date
  • Purpose of Issue
  • Issued By
  • Details
  • Recipient List
  • Document List - Includes links to open the documents online in the users Documents For Review Page. 
  • Document Transmittal - Links to the Transmittal online in the users Documents For Review Page.
  • CC List

Additionally a PDF version of the transmittal will be attached to the email if the Attach Transmittal option was selected.

The Distributor will receive a Permissions confirmation email to validate that the recipients receiving the distribution can access the documents in their source location.

  • Green indicates that the recipient has required rights
  • Red indicates that the recipient does not have the required rights to view the documents provided

The Users Security Group rights will need to be adjusted to give the recipient the required viewing rights to the document.

My Actions

When files get distributed with a Response Date set, a entry will be created in the recipients calendar on the Response Date.  Clicking on the calendar entry link will open the Documents for Review page with the filters set to show the documents relevant for that date.

Also refer to Project Landing Page > My Actions