The dashboard page allows you and your project team to visualise change from the Design module of BIMXtra. This information can be filtered by consultant and/or within a time period which can be printed as required.

Filter by consultant

  1. Filter result by consultant: If this is not selected system will default to ALL.
  2. Required consultant: Only one consultant can be selected at a time.
  3. Apply: Click to filter dashboards. Results will be shown in the various dashboards below.


Apply period

  1. Select start period.
  2. Select end period.
  3. Select refresh to filter dashboard results.

Note: Dashboard will default to full life time of project within the BIMXtra environment.

The following dashboard widgets will show the filtered data:

Models imported

The information and curve shows total number of models imported. It will also show how many models are still in the process of being imported and if there any models that have not imported correctly and are currently showing as an issue.

The report will also show a percentage of components currently mapped out of the total number of components available for mapping. This is all be represented as a curve showing component build up over time.

Components by consultant

This dashboard shows a breakdown of components per consultant.

Components mapped

This shows the number of components mapped and unmapped.

Component changes

Shows new, changed, deleted and unchanged components.

Component approvals

Shows components approved, awaiting approval, not issued and declined.

Number of components on drawings

Shows the components on and not on drawings.


Shows open, closed and overdue Comms.

Average Comm closed timescale

Shows the average Comm close times:

  • Average of <=7 days
  • Average of > 7 days
  • Average of > 14 days
  • Average of > 30 days to close