The design schedule view shows the details content of the schedule, along with filter and search tools:

Refer to the User Guide – Super User for full details of schedule configuration.

Schedule buttons

In the top bar of the page are the Schedule buttons.  Refer to Schedule Buttons for full details of all of these functions.

On the left side are the buttons to Edit the schedule (via XLS), with Settings, Grouping and Filtering tools:

On the right side are Search and various Reporting options:

Object schedule data

This area shows the main schedule data of the objects and contains the following:

Schedule headers

Schedule column headers show titles for each value as defined in the Schedule Configuration.  Note, the schedule headers are a custom description for the columns and and not the actual Schedule Columns Names of the schedule configuration.

 Columns can be sorted in 'ascending' or 'descending' order.  Only the items shown on the current schedule page will be re-sorted by using this command, but switching a page retains the sorting order into the next page.

Object information, Status, WebGL Preview & Linked objects

Shows the object information, status, WebGL and Objects link fields in the yellow cells.  These are system fields and can't be edited directly by users, but any links that the user makes will be updated in the linked column counts.  The WebGL preview is for .cbxs objects only.

(Refer to Object Information, Status and Preview for details.)

Grouped totals

Grouped totals are shown in green cells and only seen once the schedule is in a 'Grouped' view.

User entry fields

User entry fields are grey cells where the values are open to being edited.  For details refer to Edit Schedules.

Insight Schedule View

Schedules can also be seen and edited directly in Insight Schedule Data command.