Viewing and Restoring Deleted Documents

Role Required

Access to Deleted Documents page requires the DMS Admin role.

Documents that have been deleted from the DMS can be seen in the Deleted Documents page. 

They can also be restored back to the same location in the DMS they were deleted from.

Various columns show details of the file at the point that it was deleted:

  • Filename
  • Title
  • Folder - The original folder the file was deleted from.  Restoring the file will return it to the same folder, where it will become the latest rev if others exist
  • Revision 
  • Document Suitability -
  • Deleted By
  • Restore - Click to restore the file to its original Folder - IE the one it was deleted from.  It will become the latest revision of the file if other revs exist at that point regardless of when those files were uploaded or their current revision.

Click on column headers to sort that column, alternatively between Ascending and Descending

  Deleted documents can be searched for on this page.  Note that deleted documents are not included in any other project search commands.