Select the Dashboard Menu to open the Construction Dashboard Page.

Summary Widgets

This view shows the Construction Dashboard Summary information of current active, overdue and completed forms with various Widgets 

Show/Hide Widget Graphics

For each widget you can click on the Legend items to show/hide them in the graphic.

Export Widget Data

 For each Widget you can click on the Export link to open the Drill down panel.

Download the widget data in XLS format

Filtering Data - All

Select All to show all form type data in the page widgets, continue by clicking the Summary button.

Filtering Data - By Form Type

Select Filter by Form Type and then the Form Types to filter the data shown in the page widgets.  Continue by clicking the Filter by Selected Forms button.

Filter Date Range

Select a time duration to show for your selected data filter.  

Dashboard Output

Select the Print icon to show the Report Viewer exporter.

You can export dashboard information of the current selection in Excel or .pdf format via the Report Viewer.