The dashboard area allows you to view statistical information about the DMS (both Web DMS & DMS Client App). Currently there are six charts available to you which show:

  • Documents by type
  • Active/Superseded documents
  • WIP/Share/Publish documents
  • DMS (MB used in storage)
  • Purpose of the documents
  • Document activity
  • Deleted Files Chart
    • Retrieval of Deleted Documents

Date Range

The Dashboard can be adjusted to present the data within a specified date ranges (defaults to the previous 3 month period)


You can expand each chart by clicking on the magnifying glass located on them.


A report can also be generated by clicking on Print and can be exported in either .pdf or Excel format.

Deleted Documents

The Deleted Documents table shows details of document revisions that have been deletedRetrieval of Deleted documents is possible via the links in the details view.

By Selecting the Export Option (Bottom Right)

Reports can be Filtered and/or Expanded using the available pull downs or magnifying symbol

The user is presented with a table of details with a clickable Link that downloads and retrieves the deleted document.