Connects WBS Codes from your Programme Instance to the associated objects in your WBS Packages. This is the function that determines what 3D objects get associated with which programme activities. 

Select the Programme Instance that is shown on the page from the dropdown selector at the top left of the page:

Use the Activity list filters to isolate tasks you are interested in 

There are 3 main panels on this page.

  • WBS Codes mapped from Model to Programme - Shows the WBS codes that currently connect Programme Instances to WBS Packages.
  • Unmapped Programme Items - Shows the line item details of the selected programme that are not currently mapped to a Model WBS Code. Use the Selector at the top of the page to change the current Programme.
  • Unmapped Model WBS Codes - Shows all combinations of WBS Cubes and WBS packages currently configured in the project that have not been connected to a Programme. This list will show all possible valid WBS Codes from the project setup, however your programme may not have activites for them all.

Connect WBS Codes

There are 2 methods to make the connections:

  • Makes the connection between Unmapped Model WBS Codes and Unmapped Programme Items based on the same WBS Codes in each.
  • Enables different programmes and packages to be connected manually even with different WBS Codes. Select the tick box of the line from the Unmapped Programme Items and Unmapped Model WBS Codes panels and press Connect.

Once WBS Codes are connected they will show in the top WBS Codes Mapped from Model to Programme panel and be removed from the bottom Unmapped Programme Items panel:

Disconnect WBS Codes

Use the Disconnect link on the right end of the WBS Code row to disconnect a single mapping.

Use the Clear All Mappings button to clear all WBS Codes mapped from Model to Programme for the selected programme.