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Requires either Superuser or Security Group role to access and edit.


Security groups are created to to provide authorised access to folders within projects.

Groups will be defined, with users added and rights given in each, to follow security protocols defined on the project.

Policies often include multiple groups utilised to provide granular configuration to user access, however it is not necessary and the simplest of access can be defined with all users in a single group.  Please refer to your project administrator for security policy and preferred configuration.

DMS Users

Users must have a DMS Role to be included in DMS access and the Security Group configurations.

Group Based Configuration

Use the group configurations in order to define groups, assign users to them and set the permissions the provide.

The Group based tools are used to configure a single group at a time.  Also refer to Folder Based Configuration to setup group access to folders in bulk.

Add New

Add a new Security Group, giving it a name and including users to be controlled by the group.

Show All

Show all security groups, including disabled ones.

Search for groups using the Group Descriptions.  Clear to reset search results.


Shows whether the group is Active or not.  Use Show All to show de-activated groups


The Security Group Description, which can be searched

User Count

The count of users included in the Security Group.  Hover to show a list of usernames


Edit the Security Groups, Description, users and Active status


View the History of the Security Groups and User edits


Download an XLS of the Security Group to edit the permissions it defines.

The Info Tab show details of the users in the group, along with a description of the permissions:

Further Tabs show the folder permissions defined for each of the DMS areas of the project.  Update a Yes/No setting for each folder (row) to grant that permission (column) to the folder.

Any new folders created will default to 'N' permissions. If a user is within multiple groups it will look at the combined permissions. E.g. if a user has permissions in one group to view folder ABC, but is in another group that doesn't have permissions to that folder, the group that they have permission in will over rule the one that doesn't, so they will be able to view it.


Upload an edited Security Group XLS to load it's configuration into the project.

A notification will indicate the upload status including any errors once the XLS has been proceesed.


Reports for the Security and Distribution groups configuration. Each report is downloadable in .pdf or .xls

Security Groups

Shows all the security groups and the users that are defined in them.

Combined Report

Shows all the distribution and security groups and the users that are defined in them.

Audit Report

Shows the list of folders with the access provided by each of the Security Groups

Folder Based Configuration

In order to configure multiple security groups for a set of folders in a single step, use the Security Groups configuration on the DMS pages.

Any groups already defined can be configured in this tool, but new groups or user configuration must be done in the Security Groups pages beforehand.

Also refer to Group Based Configuration to setup groups singularly.