Prior to a project being operational, the super user should set up its folder structure. There are two ways to do this:

Method 1: Manual (add, edit, delete folders): To add a folder via this method, you will need to have Configure Folders permissions set up by a super user. Once you have these, click on the folder that will host the new sub-folder. The folder should then be highlighted.
Click Add. The folders window will pop up and the folder name can be entered. Then click Save.
Please note: Once a new folder is added, the security groups must be amended to enable a user to edit, delete or view into the folder. The default set up is that folders are hidden until permissions are applied.

Additional settings can be applied: 

  • Standard - Creates a normal DMS Folder
  • Static - Please refer to Static and Dynamic Folders
  • Dynamic - Please refer to Static and Dynamic Folders
  • Inherit Permissions - This will inherit the permissions that are currently set in the Parent folder when selecting Add folder. The rights will be as per what is set in Security Groups.
  • Assign Permissions - Upon creation of the new folder. The user can apply the folder to a new Security Groups complete with specific settings.

Method 2: Using an Excel template to configure the folder structure. Watch the video or read on to find out more. 

The default BIMXtra template can be found under the Project > Configuration > Project > DMS tab. This is a super user only function.

To download the template, click on the cloud symbol and an Excel template will begin downloading.

Configuring Folder Structure - Load Folders Template

Open and edit the downloaded .xls. It provides four different tabs: 'INFO, WIP, SHARE & PUBLISHED'.
The INFO tab provides information on how to edit the .xls.
The WIP, SHARE and PUBLISHED tabs determine what folders are to be configured in what section. The folders can be completely changed from the template provided by BIMXtra, which is only a guide and prompt. Enter a folder name, one per cell in the correct sub folder column.

Configuring Folder Structure - XLS

Once the structure has been defined, the .xls needs to be loaded back into BIMXtra. 

On the DMS Configuration table, click Browse and select the edited spreadsheet. Then click Upload to add the folders to the system. A message in the notification tray, at the bottom of the page, will show when the system configuration has been completed.


When adding folders via the Excel spreadsheet, the folder structure can be downloaded/uploaded and amended as many times as required. Super users need to remember not to load in another folder structure until the current one has finished processing.
However, once the first document has been uploaded to the system, the ability to download/upload the folder template will be locked and no more folders can be configured via the .xls
In this case, folders can still be added via the manual method detailed previously.

As previously mentioned, newly created folders will be hidden until access has been provided by Security Group configuration.