Clash management and detection is a feature within both BIMXtra and the Insight application.

It consists of a combined workflow of generating clashes in Insight which then publishes results that can be managed in BIMXtra.

Please note:
Clash Management for version 3.2.0 only generates hard clashes.
Clearbox applications are automated products dependent on the input data, clash detection results are provided for guidance only. The user is to satisfy himself of the results generated by the application.

Insight: Clash Detection

Insight has three clash detection icons that appear under the analytics tab for super users only.

1. Run clash detection: This icon will load the below panel which allows user to select which models to run the clash detection process against and upload the results to the BIMXtra database.

  1. Model Selection - Select the models which the run detection process needs to run against by click on the check-boxes.
  2. Set Tolerance - The distance that two objects must OVERLAP by to be considered a clash. default value is 10mm with a max allowed value of 100mm
  3. Compute and Upload to BIMXtra - This will run the whole process (Please note: while running the clash detection process Insight will be unresponsive to other commands)

2. Review Clashes: This button will run the clash detection process locally on models loaded into the live session of Insight. These results are populated into a panel in the form of a structure tree and the model, highlighting clashes in red and green as shown below:

By checking the "Isolation Selection" checkbox in the clash detection panel, Insight will change the model view to show only highlighted objects and remove all greyed objects from the view.
Please note: If "Load On Demand" is active then Insight will load all available models into the project prior to running the Review Clashes function.

There are 2 settings to determine Clash results:

  • Tolerance - The distance that two objects must OVERLAP by to be considered a clash
  • Clearance - The distance that two objects must be SEPARATED by to be considered a clash

3. Find Duplicates: This button checks the local models loaded for duplicate objects. Duplicate objects are objects that have the same handle/GUID and occupy the same space in the 3D Insight environment.

BIMXtra: Clash management

Clash Management: Overview

This page is a summary table view of all the clashes uploaded from the Insight clash detection plugin.

It shows how clashes have been assigned to individuals and what status clashes hold.

  • New - Clashes that have appeared in the run of the clash detection process.
  • Action – Builders work - Clashes that will remain in the model and are to be resolved through action on site.
  • Action – Design Co-ord - Clashes that should be removed by changes/amendments to the CAD Models and re-imported to BIMXtra.
  • Ignored - Clashes that do not need to be actioned for the duration of the project.
  • Known - Clashes that are on-hold and may need to be actioned at a later date.
  • Changed - Clashes that existed in a previous clash detection process and are still clashing but have changed position.
  • Cleared - Clashes that existed in the previous clash detection run, but are no longer reported in the latest clash detection upload from Insight. This occurs if either or both objects are no longer in the new version of the models or if the two objects are no longer clashing.

Clash Management: List

List view of the clashes shows each individual clash between 2 objects in the 3D space.

Page Operations:

  • Filters - Allows users to filter the results based on clashes related to the object in schedules, object statuses, individuals that have clashes assigned to them and the minimum tolerance (in m).
  • Add to basket - Allows users to select one or more clashes to be added to the 'basket' function in Insight. The 'basket' function in Insight operates by showing all objects added to the basket.
  • Batch Edit - Allows one or more selected clashes to have their status and assignee changed in one operation.
  • Clear Basket - This function removes all objects added to the basket list to be highlighted in Insight.
  • Print - Allows users to export the current view in either .pdf or Excel format.
  • Save Changes - Save individual unsaved changes made to Clash Assignment and Status.  Cleared and Changed status' can't be updated.
  • Cancel Changes - Discard individual unsaved changes made to Clash Assignment and Status.
  • Save Layout - Saves the current page column visibility setting to the user's profile.
  • Add Forms - Show the Forms panel to review existing or add new forms.

Working with Forms

The Add Forms button will show all the forms attached to all the objects of the currently selected clashes.

Note - The ObjectHandle1 and ObjectHandle2 columns show the object handles of those items involved in a single clash item.  Therefore you will see forms raised against any particular clash, if you select another clash also involving either of those first 2 objects.  To ensure you are only looking at the forms involved for a particular clash, then only select that clash itself.

Select the form type to list in the view and create new form instances against the selected clashes.

Adds a single new form to include all of the currently selected clash items,

Adds a new form to each of the currently selected clashes.

  Distribute the currently selected forms.