Access the Archive tab is controlled via DMS Archive Tab role permissions. This tab will show all the documents that have been archived from the project. You should only archive a document if you are confident that the document has reached the end of its lifecycle and is no longer required for general access in the DMS.

If you require access to this tab, contact the project Superuser.

BS1192 ID re-use

For BS1192 projects any BS1192 ID's associated to archived files will be released for re-use in the main DMS.  There will be no further restrictions on the re-use of an archive BS1192ID and certainly no necessary links to any archived files with the same ID as a normal DMS file.  

Please note: A document cannot be restored. If the document is required back within the document library area, you will have to download and then re-upload it. The audit history in this instance would be deleted.