BIMXtra controlled area showing the information and status of an item at an individual component level.

Object Information

Launch the Object Data window, which has several tabs.

Object data

Shows details of the selected items, including:

  • Handle - The source handle of the CAD object linked to the schedule.  Multi-part families, IE several schedule lines sharing a single CAD object, are shown with a '#n' number appended to the handle to show the part number EG A1B2C3#1, A1B2C3#2 etc
  • Model - The source CAD model the object has been mapped in from,
  • Category - The source CAD category of the mapped object,
  • Family - The source CAD family of the mapped object,
  • Collection - The Schedule the object is mapped into,
  • Deleted - Shows if the object has been deleted from the schedule

Add the selected items to the Insight basket.

Clear the Insight basket.


Role Required

Note - This feature requires the Add Form from Design role to access.

Lists any forms open against any of the selected items, using the buttons in the View column to Edit and Print it as follows:

 Edit the Form

 Print the Form with default layout

 Print the Form with the Custom Print Layout

New forms can be added to the selected items as follows:

 Select a form type to add to objects

 Add a Single Form of the selected type with ALL objects listed associated to it.  Each of the schedule data fields with values common to all the listed objects is added to any suitable Object Data controls in the form.

 Add a Single Form of the selected type to EACH of the objects listed.  Each of the schedule data fields is added to any suitable Object Data controls in the form.

Distribute the selected forms to set their Currently Assigned User.


Lists any comms raised against the selected items.

 Add a new Comm connected to all the selected objects.


Lists drawings where any of the selected items are found.

Click Open to view the drawing in Autodesk design review with the selected item highlighted.


Role Required

Note - This feature requires the Link Docs to Objects role to access.

Lists documents associated to the selected items.

Uploads and associates a new document to the selected items from your PC.

 Documents will be placed directly into the folder selected and will act as a static file. These files will need to be revised in the destination O&M folder

Associates a document already loaded into the DMS to the selected items.

Creates a dynamic link to the file stored in the DMS location you are linking from, updating the source file will dynamically update the O&M folder

Note: Care should be taken when linking document in the DMS as created links can complicate an unmanaged DMS. Please refer to your BIM Manager for details of the project workflows to be followed.

Linked Forms

Role Required

Note - This feature requires the Add Form from Design role to access.

Shows all linked forms and allows linking any existing form to the objects.

The drop down searchable selection list shows the Form Ref and the Form Description.  Type values in to search for results.

 Remove links

 Ensure you save any edits


Item status, showing activity against schedule items:
Unchanged - No changes to the selected item since the last revision.

  Modified - Item data has been modified in some way since the last revision.

New - Item is new to the schedule since the last revision.

Deleted - Item has been deleted from the schedule since the last revision.

Selecting any of these icons opens the audit history panel for the selected item.

The listing is grouped by items. White rows show the data before the change, grey rows show the data after the change. Hover over the data to reveal details of who made the change.

 Hit this icon to download the Audit History in .xls format.

Date: The date the data was changed.

Rev:The revision that was current when the data was changed.

Preview 3D

 For items in CBXS files a WebGL 3D preview is available.  The item will be shown highlighted in red, with other objects shown within a 5m radius by default.  

 Edit the Radius setting to show more items.


Shows the revision of the schedule that this object was last amended at.